Abundance mentality dating

This allows you to approach prospects with confidence and make better business decisions. Change your mindset – First you have to believe that the value you are providing is equal or greater than your prospect’s business.

If you treat every prospect like its your last, its tough to play on a level field. Fill your pipeline – The best way to have an abundance mentality is to have an abundance of opportunities.

Abundance mentality is the perspective that there are plenty of viable, quality girls out there to pursue, date and have sex with.

It is difficult to fake abundance mentality if we don’t have the experience to support it.

Cognitive dissonance ensues when our thoughts are incongruent with our experiences.

Abundance mentality is our view or construct of our efficacy with girls and implicit understanding that we have options.

Frame is applying this construct, which is developed through experience.

Going through periods when we focus on our career, family, friends, the gym and less on girls is healthy and important for a player, especially for avoiding burnout.


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