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" "Nope." I denied and I pushed even harder onto my hubby's erection. From the corner of my eyes, I saw them watching my every moment! They were waiting at the corner to start and they were paying full attention to me! I examined myself in front of the mirror and I was not satisfied yet. My clothes were done and I pulled the rack outside to catch the sun. Without your comment in the Public Feedback Portal, I would have missed Msia's cute little story.

I just have to show off myself today completely, my panties, although very tiny and sexy, had to go too! They still got an uninterrupted view of my bare thighs and perhaps my exposed pussy because the clothes were blocking each others view. But soon they began to squeeze my buttockss and feel my crotch. I was very worried but at the same time was very satisfied.

Maybe I could showoff more since they are not coming back! Finally, the supervisor gave his instructions to his workers and left. An idea came to me and the heat of my bottom became unbearable. After the inner side of the rack was full I walked to the outer side to hang more clothes. A few hands went down to my bottom and started to brush off the sand stuck on my buttocks and crotch. Then they lifted up one of my legs and one of them squatted down and licked my bottom while my pussy was fucked continuously. My little showoff attempt has ended up with me getting fucked like a toy by 3 workers.

but i could." He peeped into my collar and at the same time attacked my dangling breasts from below. Then the next day another group would be here to install the timber flooring and wallpaper. My mind went blank and confused as suddenly many 'show off' ideas popped into my mind. But I have to do it carefully so that no one would suspect it was intentional. My face flushed in full redness but I was encouraged and began to walk a bit more and bent lower to allow them better view. don't worry) I could not stop them from taking advantage on me... They torn my dress opened and my chest exposed to the air. I stood there in completely nudity, helplessly taken by 3 strong men. I remembered I tried to avoid the cock at first but soon the hard fat meat gained entrance and penetrated deep into my love hole.

The first day, 3 workers will be doing the concrete work. But they probably sensed my lack of resistance too. Another strong pull from behind me and my dress was completely off my vulnerable body. I can't remember when a hard cock went into my pussy.

The more I knew about the renovation schedule the more excited I became.


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